Wytchwood                                   2020 - In Development
w/ Alientrap Inc.
An adventure game in a spooky fantasy world.

My Role: Lead Developer / Composer
    - Task management & delegation
    - Technical leadership 
    - Tools programming
      - Art implementation
      - Branching dialogue implementation
    - Gameplay programming
      - Input
      - Animation management
      - Inventory management / item crafting
      - UI implementation
      - Audio programming
        - Music implementation
        - Customizable dynamic reverb zones
        - Footstep surface audio + visual FX
    - Original music

Winner: 2018 Ubisoft Inside Series 

Pizza Titan Ultra                           2017
w/ Breakfall Inc.
3rd-person, high energy, robot pizza
delivery action.

My Role: Game Developer
    - Gameplay programming in C# / Unity3D
    - AI/Enemy Behaviour
    - Animation management
    - UI development
    - Dynamic 3D camera
    - Character customization

The Vale                                    2016 - In Development
w/ Falling Squirrel
An interactive audio game featuring no
visual component.

My Role: Sound Designer
    - Sound design

KTANE - Cinematic Trailer                   2016
w/ Stuffed Motion
My Role: Composer
    - Original musical score for cinematic

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes            2015
w/ Steel Crate Games
Successful asynchronous multiplayer Virtual
Reality game.

My Role: Composer
    - Composed original soundtrack

Intel Remote Keyboard                       2015
w/ Snowed In Studios
Turns a phone or tablet into a keyboard &
mouse for PC / Linux.

My Role: Programmer
    - Client apps on iOS and Android
    - Host app written cross platform
      for Windows / Linux in C++
    - Mobile apps written natively in
      Objective-C / C++(iOS) and

Prisoneers                                  2014
w/ some friends @ TOJam
A game for two people controlled with a
pair of shoes.

My Role: Composer / Programmer
    - Wrote original music & programming in
      C# / Unity3D

Skip-Bo                                     2013-2015
w/ Magmic
Mobile version classic Mattel card game.

My Role: Programmer
    - Gameplay programming for
      cross-platform iOS/Android/Blackberry
      app in C++
    - Gameplay programming for unreleased
      C# / Unity3D version

Roulette King                               2013
w/ Magmic
Casual/Casino mobile game.

My Role: Programmer
    - Feature support & bug fixes
    - C++

NYTimes Crossword                           2013
w/ Magmic
Crossword puzzles from the famous daily

My Role: Programmer
    - Feature support & bug fixes
    - C++ / Objective-C

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