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Professional Experience
Knock Knock Games   Sr. Software Engineer   2019 -> now
Toronto, ON // San Francisco, CA

    Knock Knock Games is a developer of chat-native
    games and technology. As a Senior Software
    Engineer, I am responsible for delivering fun
    via Facebook and WeChat messaging services.

Alientrap Games     Lead Game Developer     2017 - 2019
Toronto, ON

    Alientrap is a game studio that specializes in
    original IP. I served as programming lead on
    Wytchwood. I provided technical
    direction, project management and programming
    across all required disciplines. I also
    provided techincal support for the programmers
    and designers working on Wytchwood.
    Currently, I contract my services part-time to
    Wytchwood and provide gameplay features
    and audio programming.

Breakfall Inc.      Game Developer          2016
Ottawa, ON

    With Breakfall, I provided programming support
    and rapid gameplay prototyping on fast, fun and
    frantic Pizza Titan Ultra. 

Snowed In Studios   Software Engineer       2015 - 2016
Ottawa, ON

    Snowed In is a game and digital media studio run
    by expert programmers. I worked in a small, fast,
    highly efficient team on products for top-tier

Magmic              Jr. Software Engineer   2013 - 2015
Ottawa, ON

    Magmic is a developer and publisher of casual
    games with a focus on mobile gaming. I started at
    Magmic by providing support, patches and fixes to
    their existing products, and then moved up to
    programming original features and content for our
    client projects.

UQO                 Sound Designer          2012 - 2013
Hull, QC

    I worked as a sound designer in The
    Cyberpsychology Lab at Université du Québec
    en Outaouais (UQO).  We created virtual reality
    applications used in studying and treating
    patients with anxiety, phobias and other social
    and mental disorders. I authored original sound
    effects, ambient soundscapes and recorded voice
    actors in English and French.

Professional Skills
C++ / Windows / iOS / Linux
C# / Unity / Windows / iOS / Android
Typescript / JavaScript / HTML / CSS

AS3 / Haxe / Flash
Java / Android
Lua / LÖVE / PICO-8
Make / CMake
Objective-C / iOS

Adobe Audition
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Flash
Reaper + Audio Tools
Visual Studio

Volunteer Experience
Dirty Rectangles                            2013 -> now
    Dirty Rectangles is a collective of independent
    game developers. We host events focused on the
    developer and enthusiast community in Ottawa with
    a focus on the curation of independent

Speaking Engagements
Capital Gaming Expo                         2017
"Inside Tracks: A Talk With Three Game
Music Composers"

NZGDC                                       2016
"Work With What You've Got -
Making The Music For
Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes"

Algonquin College                           2014
"An Introduction To Sound Design With Wwise"

Algonquin College                           2013
Diploma in Game Development

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